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San Diego DUI Attorney

A San Diego DUI Lawyer is someone who can help you through one of the toughest times of your life. You have been arrested for a DUI and now you are worried, you are panicked, and you do not know what to do next. The first thing you should do is call San Diego DUI Lawyers for a free consultation. We have a team of lawyers waiting by the phone to help. When someone says they were arrested for a DUI we don’t automatically assume they are guilty but instead we want to hear the entire story. We want to know where in San Diego the stop occurred, how were you pulled over, exactly what you were drinking that night, the time of your drinks and what were the circumstance surrounding the case. Every detail about your DUI is important to us because every single detail is important in your defense.

Often after the initial phone consultation at San Diego DUI Lawyers we like to schedule an appointment so we can go over all the details of your case. We have real DUI attorneys that are dedicated to DUI defense. Every single one of our DUI attorneys has won a DUI trial in California and knows the ins and outs of how to win a DUI case. We also regularly consult with the best experts in the nation and former DUI prosecutors so we can get any advantage when it comes to getting you the best result in your case.

The main office for San Diego Lawyers is located in Mission Valley, California, in the heart of San Diego, but we also have offices downtown and in Vista as well. One thing that we like to do in the office visit is set a DMV hearing for our clients. The DMV hearing for a DUI must be set within 10 days of the arrest. It is very important to set this hearing or your license will be automatically suspended and you will not be able to fight your case in front of the DMV. We know all the phone numbers, all the people to contact, the motions to be filed and how to schedule these hearings. When you hire us, you can relax and let San Diego DUI Lawyers do all the work. Once the DMV hearing is set we move on to talk about the court process.

The first hearing at the San Diego Courthouse is called the arraignment. The arraignment is a place where your attorney at San Diego DUI Lawyers will plead you not guilty and we move on to get all the police reports, test results and other information about the case. After the arraignment, there is usually a 30-day gap where we have an opportunity to work on the case, consult with our team about your DUI, and talk to you about what the officers are alleging against you.

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After the arraignment in a DUI case and after all the reports are received that’s when our firm at San Diego DUI Lawyers can start to really look at defenses in the case. There are a lot of defenses to DUI’s starting with the stop. Were you legally or illegally pulled over? And how did that occur? Again, we want to see how the officer wrote it in the police report, the language he or she used to describe your DUI and exactly how this stop occurred. After the stop there are certain field sobriety tests that are done. In San Diego, there are a lot of different police agencies that conduct these tests for a DUI and each one does it differently. We know whether or not an officer is certified to give those tests and whether or not they administered them properly.

Lastly when looking at a DUI there is the blood alcohol content level to consider. What a lot of people in San Diego don’t understand is that the blood alcohol level they in the police report may not have be the blood alcohol level at the time of driving. We use a scientific approach to your DUI case and look at the absorption rate of our client, the elimination rate, how often they drink alcohol and what they ate and drank on that day. That gives us a better idea of what the client’s actual blood alcohol content was at the time of driving so we can better defend their DUI in court.

Hiring a San Diego DUI attorney is a process and it is a process that can take time. Remember, you don’t want to hire someone who just sees you as a number, someone who has hundreds of other cases or someone who will just pass you along to another lawyer. You want to hire someone for your DUI that will actually give you the individualized attention you deserve and care personally about your case. If you do not hire a DUI attorney in San Diego right away, then you have to remember that the prosecution has already started building their case against you and at this point you do not want to get behind. You need a San Diego DUI attorney in your corner that knows how to handle these cases and knows how to get you the best result. Someone that will stand up to the government and do whatever it takes to win. Do not settle for an attorney that wont fight for you, this is your life, make sure you hire the best.

When looking for a DUI attorney it is important that you hire a real San Diego DUI trial lawyer to handle your case. A lot of these law firms out there are what is considered a “DUI mill”. They are only out there for the bottom line, which is money. Their main goal is to just take the first offer, plead you guilty and move onto the next case. At San Diego DUI Lawyers, we care about our clients and we care about getting the best possible result. If you have a DUI that should go to trial, we will go to trial on it and we will use our years of experience to make sure that you get the result you deserve. If you call around to other DUI firms you will see sometimes you will have a hard time speaking to an actual lawyer. You will speak to a secretary or an intern or what they call a legal case manager. Don’t be afraid of their pushy sales tactics or excuses, you deserve to talk to a real attorney. These people are not going to be able to help you in a time of need, you need an actual DUI lawyer and you should be able to get a hold of one. At San Diego DUI Lawyers we put you in touch with an actual lawyer, you will be speaking to a lawyer from the very beginning and that will not change. We are here for you throughout your case and we are here to help.

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Recent San Diego DUI Lawyers Results

When hiring a DUI attorney in San Diego to handle your case, you want someone who gets results. Of course, results don’t predict what the outcome will be in your case and we will be the first ones to say that. Every case is certainly different, but you have the right to know the ability of your lawyers and you need to know that who you are hiring is the best.

At San Diego DUI Lawyers our attorneys have obtained positives results on cases going to trial and on cases before trial in every courthouse in San Diego. We care about our clients and we do every single thing we can on their cases to assure that they get the best possible result.

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  • San Diego Central Courts, Jury Trial – NOT GUILTY
  • San Diego South Courts, DUI Jury Trial – NOT GUILTY 10-2 – CASE DISMISSED
  • San Diego East Courts DUI 1538 Motion – CASE DISMISSED
  • San Diego East Courts Felony 995 Motion – CASE DISMISSED
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