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National Latino AIDS Awareness Day

National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (NLAAD) is October 15th. NLAAD was created in 2003 in response to the growing number of Hispanics/Latinos being infected with HIV and dying from AIDS related illnesses. This year’s theme; Save a Life, It May Be Your Own. Get Tested., encourages Hispanics/Latinos to educate themselves about HIV/AIDS and the role testing plays in prevention. NLAAD doesn’t stop on October 15th, it’s a year-round work in progress grounded in the collaboration of partners including AIDS Service Organizations and Community Based Organizations; focused on raising awareness and getting people tested.

Visit to find out more about National Latino AIDS Awareness Day.


NUMBER ONE: Know your status. Get tested. Click here to find a testing site near you.

NUMBER TWO: Protect yourself. Click here to learn more about HIV/AIDS and safer sex.

NUMBER THREE: Spread awareness. You can tweet, blog or set your Facebook status to let everyone know October 15th is National Latino AIDS Awareness Day.
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