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Condom Distribution Programs Work

Condom Distribution (CD) programs do work! We’ve known it for quite some time but the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has issued new findings about the efficacy of condom distribution programs.

Interventions that combined CD programs with additional individual-, group- community-level activities showed the greatest efficacy. One possible reason for this is that these different modalities address different behavioral determinants as well as other prevention needs of individuals in affected communities. CD programs have been shown to be cost-effective and cost saving. It was estimated that one state-wide CD program led to saving millions of dollars in future medical care costs by preventing HIV infections.

Center for Disease Control

The beauty of it all is Lifebeat has been conducting most of the activities laid out by the CDC that are helping to lower incidences of HIV infection. For more than 17 years we’ve been providing condoms to individuals and community groups across the United States — most importantly, we reach people in places they really want to be; concert venues, music festivals, clubs, community fairs and the like.

The CDC recommends the following for those interested in creating and implementing CD programs:

  • Develop a process for identifying and engaging appropriate community partners.
  • Identify obstacles to reaching members of vulnerable or hard-to-reach populations and strategies to overcome them.
  • Define programmatic objectives, key indicators for measuring performance, and how these data will be collected.
  • Provide condoms free of charge.
  • Implement a social marketing campaign to promote condom use (by increasing awareness of condom benefits and normalizing condom use within communities).
  • Conduct both promotion and distribution activities at the individual, organizational, and environmental level.
  • Establish organizational support for condom distribution and promotion activities in traditional and non-traditional venues.

Read the full report here:

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