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HIV/AIDS Related News – Gathered August 2011

Here are some noteworthy HIV/AIDS stories that have been gathered in the month of August:


New York City Will Mandate Sex Education (from New York Times)

For the first time in nearly two decades, students in New York City’s public middle and high schools will be required to take sex-education classes beginning this school year, using a curriculum that includes lessons on how to use a condom and the appropriate age for sexual activity.

The new mandate is part of a broader strategy the Bloomberg administration announced last week to improve the lives of black and Latino teenagers…(full article)




Magic Johnson wished he didn’t retire so early (from Los Angeles Times)

In a one-on-one conversation with Johnson at Loyola Marymount University, Times columnist Bill Plaschke appropriately remarked that nearly three months from now would mark the 20th anniversary of Johnson’s stunning announcement that he had contracted HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. The fact that Johnson was sitting there for a full hour reliving his Laker memories in full spirits and, most importantly, in good health, remains an accomplishment in itself… (full article with videos)






CDC report: HIV infections surge among young Black gay men (from Florida Courier)

According to the study, young MSM (18-29 year olds) were all affected, but Blacks were severely vulnerable. In fact, the infection rate among Blacks increased by 48 percent—from 4,400 infections in 2006 to 6,500 infections in 2009… (full article)






Boys who masturbate likelier to have safe sex? (from Reuters)

Masturbation could play an important role in sexual self-awareness and condom use in teenage boys, according to a new report. Researchers found 86 percent of boys who said they’d worn a condom last time they had sex also reported masturbating over the past year, compared to only 44 percent of boys who didn’t masturbate. While that link doesn’t prove that masturbation itself leads to safer sex, “the association of any behavior with increased condom use deserves further investigation… (full article)

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