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The Arches of Hope: Gateways to a World Without HIV/AIDS



Lifebeat and the MTV Staying Alive Foundation are joining forces to curate The Arches of Hope, an inspiring interactive art installation, social media campaign and call-to-action to remind us of the impact that HIV and AIDS has had over the last 31 years on the world, and to give hope to our vision of an HIV-free generation.

The Arches of Hope consists of three 10-foot tall arches that represent the three decades of HIV and AIDS. The Arches are made up of 223 blocks, which advocates can ‘adopt’ to support Lifebeat and the MTV Staying Alive Foundation’s lifesaving HIV prevention programs for youth.

The Inauguration of The Arches of Hope will take place on January 17, 2013 at THE OUT NYC.

Sponsored by “Keep The Promise On HIV/AIDS”.

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