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San Diego DUI Lawyers has some of the best and most knowledgeable DUI attorneys in the state. One of the attorneys at San Diego DUI Lawyers has even been featured on Fox National News as their legal expert to discuss new proposed DUI laws by the federal government.

Highly Awarded DUI Lawyers

Our DUI attorneys in San Diego have been awarded almost every single award there is out there in the nation. From being named top 100 Trial Lawyers in America to a list of what are called super lawyers where only 2.5% of lawyers in the nation receive that honor, you name it and we have won that award. Awards cannot be bought, they are from independent rating agencies and the process generally includes a nomination from another DUI lawyer or judge, then a review process by a team of lawyers, then a review process by a board of directors where only the best and brightest DUI trial lawyers are chosen. It is your life and you deserve only the best representing you.

Trusted by the National News

Not only are our attorneys highly recognized regarding awards, they are also trusted by the national and local news networks as well. Our DUI attorneys in San Diego have been chosen by the biggest news networks in America to give legal commentary. This includes ABC, CBS, FOX 5, NBC 10, FOX National News, FOX Business News, One America News Network and more. When the news networks chose an attorney to speak, their reputation is at stake and they only want the best to represent their brand. They go through a long vetting process with several interviews and recommendations from other people in the industry. You deserve someone who is trusted to handle your DUI case.

The Personalized Advantage

When you have your own lawyer you get personal tailored responses to your questions and you have someone directly involved with the facts of your case. If you ever go down to the courthouse you can see how the Public Defender in San Diego handles DUIs. They go into the hallway with 10 or 15 people at one time at the first court date and they go over the guilty plea form. That is how they are handled and it happens each and every day. You do not deserve to be a number or just a name on the list, you deserve for your DUI Lawyer to take a personalized approach on your case and actually read over the entire report and look at every single fact of the case with you.

Appearances all around San Diego

Our attorneys have appeared in courthouses all around California but specialize in cases in San Diego. We have very strong relationships and good reputations with prosecutors in the Downtown San Diego, El Cajon, Chula Vista, and Vista courthouses. Our years of experience has given us the opportunity to know the chain of command in each courthouse, who the judge is, who the supervisor is, and who to contact in scenarios where we know it is in the best interest of our clients. We have had successful trial verdicts in all four courthouses with recent not guilty verdicts in both Downtown and Vista. DUIs are our passion and San Diego is our area of expertise.

Representation throughout the entire case

From the DMV hearing to the restitution hearing with a lawyer from San Diego DUI Lawyers, you will be represented throughout the entire case. The DMV hearing is the first part of the process and the public defender cannot and will not help you with that. It is an administrative hearing where you either need to handle it yourself or hire an attorney to handle it. Even after the case is finished, there can be a restitution hearing where another party is demanding money from you for a car accident or there can be a time where you forgot to make a payment or you forgot to do one of your requirements. That’s what we are here for, from the start of the case until the very end we are here to represent you.

Contact a DUI Lawyer in San Diego today

There is a lot at stake when you get a DUI, this could change your life forever. There is no reason why you should put that to chance or gamble on the results of your life. You need to handle it right, you need to go to the person who has done this before and who has experience defending these types of cases. If you have been charged with a DUI call us for a free consultation.