Fighting the War Against HIV/AIDS with Music

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Board of Directors

In Memoriam

Bob Caviano, Founder (1950-1992)
Mel Cheren (1933-2007)


Gary Dell’Abate, Board President

“I lost a brother to AIDS in 1991. I knew right then I would become active in the fight against AIDS. Working with Lifebeat has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Our work has a great impact and it helps me to keep my brother’s memory alive.”

Daniel Glass, Founding Board President

“I am proud to have co-founded Lifebeat with Bob Caviano. Bob called me shortly after he was diagnosed with HIV to tell me of the lack of treatment, advice, knowledge and comfort that he received. There was nowhere to turn in the music industry, so we created Lifebeat to help open a dialogue and break down the doors of ignorance and lack of compassion.”

Donna Futterman, M.D., Secretary

Burton Goldstein, Treasurer

Tim Rosta, Founding Executive Director

Chanel Cathey

Tracy Cloherty

Eddie Dean

Sandra ‘Pepa’ Denton

Josh Fromson

Ali Harnell

Stephen Hill

Sonia Muckle

Robert J. Reicher, Esq.

Mitch Slater

Van Toffler

Ross Zapin



Brett Spigelman
Managing Director