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  • Alicia Keys

    Lifebeat Hero: Alicia Keys

    January 5, 1992 | No Comments

    11-time Grammy Award winner Alicia Keys is a true hero in the fight against HIV/AIDS worldwide, and a longtime supporter of Lifebeat. She performed at Lifebeat’s UrbanAID 2 concert in 2001, alongside Jay-Z, Diddy and more, also recording a Public Service Announcement for Lifebeat that year. Keys continues to support Lifebeat through donations to the […]

  • Lifebeat Hero: Sean “Diddy” Combs

    December 28, 1992 | No Comments

    Sean Combs, AKA “Diddy” or “P. Diddy”, has been a longtime supporter of Lifebeat and a true HIV/AIDS activist. He has lent his talents and support to many Lifebeat events and fundraisers. In 2001, he co-Chaired Lifebeat’s UrbanAID 2 concert featuring Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, The Roots and more. He also performed at the event, including […]

  • Russell Simmons

    Lifebeat Hero: Russell Simmons

    December 1, 1992 | No Comments

    Russell Simmons has been instrumental in producing some of Lifebeat’s biggest events over the years. Russell chaired the UrbanAid 2 concert in 2001, featuring Alicia Keys, Jay Z, and more. He also hosted a fundraising breakfast to benefit Lifebeat. Russell has lent significant support to Lifebeat’s Hearts & Voices Program and personally visited an HIV/AIDS […]

  • 2002 UrbanAid 2 with Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Ashanti

    March 4, 2002 | No Comments

    – MTV News