Fighting the War Against HIV/AIDS with Music

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  • Alicia Keys

    Lifebeat Hero: Alicia Keys

    January 5, 1992 | No Comments

    11-time Grammy Award winner Alicia Keys is a true hero in the fight against HIV/AIDS worldwide, and a longtime supporter of Lifebeat. She performed at Lifebeat’s UrbanAID 2 concert in 2001, alongside Jay-Z, Diddy and more, also recording a Public Service Announcement for Lifebeat that year. Keys continues to support Lifebeat through donations to the […]

  • Lifebeat Hero: Sean “Diddy” Combs

    December 28, 1992 | No Comments

    Sean Combs, AKA “Diddy” or “P. Diddy”, has been a longtime supporter of Lifebeat and a true HIV/AIDS activist. He has lent his talents and support to many Lifebeat events and fundraisers. In 2001, he co-Chaired Lifebeat’s UrbanAID 2 concert featuring Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, The Roots and more. He also performed at the event, including […]

  • Russell Simmons

    Lifebeat Hero: Russell Simmons

    December 1, 1992 | No Comments

    Russell Simmons has been instrumental in producing some of Lifebeat’s biggest events over the years. Russell chaired the UrbanAid 2 concert in 2001, featuring Alicia Keys, Jay Z, and more. He also hosted a fundraising breakfast to benefit Lifebeat. Russell has lent significant support to Lifebeat’s Hearts & Voices Program and personally visited an HIV/AIDS […]

  • Album Release Party: Kelly Rowland

    June 10, 2007 | No Comments

    Kelly Rowland celebrated the release of her Ms. Kelly album with Lifebeat at Manhattan night club HOME. The event was broadcast live via the web and Rowland’s Destiny’s Child band-mates Michelle Williams and Beyoncé came out to show their support, as well as rap superstar Jay-Z. Spinning records for the evening was DJ Suss.Onefrom radio […]

  • 2002 UrbanAid 2 with Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Ashanti

    March 4, 2002 | No Comments

    – MTV News